Hero Collection "Universal Soldier" Eco-Friendly Rain Poncho

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Buying this rain poncho you will have recycled 40 plastic bottles destined for the ocean and landfill
Estimated UK delivery timings: 3-4 business days

"Universal Soldier" is a staple design from the 2019 Atlas Collection.

This Collection has been designed with your style in mind. There's something in the range to match your uniqueness and protect your fashion from the harshest of weather conditions.

The collection cares for the planet, whilst making it easy for everybody to make a better decision, helping us to not only remove the one-use plastic throwaway plastic poncho but also making use of some of the waste that's already been produced and discarded.

The unique design created by our international fashion design team ensures you will as proud to wear it, as you were to buy it.

Whilst looking good, and doing good, you can rest assured that our rain ponchos are guaranteed to do the one job they are designed to; keep you dry, so you are protected against the harshest of weather conditions.


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